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Tennessee 2015-2016 Residential Core - For renewals BEFORE 1/1/17

6 Total hours
0 Elective hours
6 Core hours

This 6-hour course focuses on the most prominent issues currently facing Tennessee residential real estate professionals. To assist licensees in identifying and resolving these issues, we explore the laws and rules, while offering numerous real-world examples. The course also addresses important updates to Tennessee law, and the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC).

To ensure that licensees provide excellent representation for their clients, while at the same time following all applicable laws and treating others fairly, it's essential that they possess a solid understanding of the TREC rules. This course includes a detailed look at these rules, with a focus on newly adopted provisions, the latest regulations for advertising, E&O insurance requirements, and an in-depth look at the principal broker’s responsibility in supervising affiliated licensees.

Moving forward, equipped with the practical advice found in Tennessee 2015-2016 Residential Core, licensees will be well-positioned to provide timely advice and superior representation.

Course highlights include:

  • Detailed explanations of recent changes to Tennessee license law and TREC rules.
  • Tips on how to avoid violations of Tennessee's agency law.
  • A close look at the advertising rules that apply to real estate, including the recent updates to these requirements.
  • A discussion of the rules that apply to property management.
  • A look at the responsibilities and duties of all principal brokers.